The electric drive is quiet and practical

Do you need to repair a roof, gutter or, for example, cut or trim a tree? Then you certainly need a working lift from M / S Elektro.

M / S Elektro is engaged in the supply and installation of telecommunications, security and other electrical systems. In their work they use self-propelled scissor lifts, the creation of a platform rental was only a logical extension of their own work activities. M / S Electro is a real expert in platforms and high-rise work. The company offers several types of platforms for rent. They are both diesel and electric. The functionality, utilization and variability of platforms is huge. So do not hesitate and take advantage of the special offers in the platform rental today.
Rental of platforms

M / S Elektro CZ has been lending platforms for many years. It is a company that has been proven by customers for years. Its platforms were used, for example, in buildings such as the Makro, Tesco, Globus and the like.

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