Summer cannot do without ice cream!

We delight the sweet tongues

Ice cream is a popular and profitable selling item not only in confectionery shops but also in many other gastronomic businesses.  We are engaged in the production and sale of ready-made ice cream mixtures of creamy and fruit ice-cream cakes powder ice-cream mixtures for the producers of draft ice creams.
We will satisfy even the greatest gourmets!

For entrepreneurs who want to save time and labor in decorating ice cream we have several rows of ice cream products already decorated with toppers fruit syrups interspersed with fruit pieces sprinkled with nuts almonds pistachios chocolate shavings sponge biscuits and other ingredients suitable for which type of ice cream  .
Fruit sorbets

Recently many customers prefer healthy snacking.  These are our fruit sorbets produced without fats milk and gluten with reduced sugar content and fiber.

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