Rental cottage

Do you want to spend a week at the cottage but do not know where to find a solid offer?  Visit the My Chats website to ensure it is right for you!  On the site you will find all sites including photos and detailed description of the cottage!

Tired of hiring a cottage to look for?  Then use the info line and let your chat choose for you!  The staff is dedicated to each customer individually knows almost all the cottages personally and acts with the owners personally so you don't have to worry about any fraud.  You will also be guaranteed the lowest prices.  You can stay around 1 000 CZK per week!

How to order a chat?

The order is certainly much easier than choosing the cottage itself because the company offers to rent so many chat rooms that it will be really difficult to choose the right one.  hiring a cottage then but you can do it online which will surely save you a lot of time.  Fill in only a short questionnaire and the company will take care of the rest!

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